I Exist!

Hello! I see you reading my first post. So, welcome! Let me take your coat.

I am starting this blog because I love running blogs. They teach me, they make me laugh, and they make me get my ass up and run when I might not feel like it otherwise. I don’t have many close friends who are runners, so I follow strangers who run and post about it online, reading about their training plans and race strategies and injuries and PRs while eating noodles in my bedroom and pretending we’re all besties in real lyfe. I also pretend I’m fast like them. NEWSFLASH: I’m not.

Who am I? My, how charming of you to ask! You’re a keeper, you. I am a 20-something ladygirl living, working, sleeping, eating, running, and raging in Washington, DC. You can call me Pokey, because I’m slow. 

Since I can already tell you have a short attention span (you’re skimming, I just know it), here’s a list of Things That Make My Heart Sing:

  1. Runningduh
  2. Vodka
  3. Meet The Press
  4. Egg sandwiches with Muenster and strawberry jam, thankyouverymuch
  5. Kanye + Macklemore + Lil Wayne Pandora
  6. Waterskiing
  7. Not cooking
  8. Rage-facing across the dance floors of DC (gentlemen-scholars of Town danceboutique: oh hayyyy)
  9. Becoming besties with all cab drivers
  10. Good sports bras (high five!)
  11. Coffee
  12. Cutting absurd articles out of Cosmopolitan magazine and anonymously mailing them to male friends
  13. Aaron Sorkin
  14. Chocolate Chex cereal (like for real)
  15. Parentheses (apparently)

So, yeah. There’s… your basic? As a reward for getting through that #strugglebus of a list, here’s one of my favorite sports commercials ever. (What, you don’t have a list of favorite sports commercials? You’re weird.)

Doesn’t that make you want to kick some ass?
No, I don’t work for Under Armour. I just love that commercial. Later, if you’re lucky, I will post my favorite commercial from Nike. TRY TO KEEP YOUR PANTS ON.

Where were we?

I have run six half marathons; my PR is a 2:15. I have another half coming up in three weeks, and I hope to go sub-2:05. Because YEAH. I have never run a full.

And now for a semi-topical quote:

Running made me feel like a bird let out of a cage, I loved it that much. -Priscilla Welch

I mean, you know?

On an unrelated note, it’s almost midnight on April 14th, and I just did my taxes. Way to be your own hero, Pokey! Gold star for responsible citizenship. UP TOP. (Minus points for hyperlinking to Thought Catalog. I am duly embarrassed, but not enough to remove it.)

Back tomorrow with the week’s running plan! Or something.


2 thoughts on “I Exist!

  1. I just found your blog last night, and I can already tell we are going to be good friends. Your list of things that make your heart sing matches mine, except for meet the press, I had to stop watching it a few years ago because it made me ragey. But I will replace that with a coffee, because I love it enough that it should be listed twice.

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