Failing to Plan and the PENN RELAYS CARNIVAL

I did not post my running plan earlier this week because I was not sure how things would shake out on my calendar.

That, my friends, is what we call setting yourself up for failure.

This is what an endorphin deficit looks like.

I didn’t run on Monday because I took a nap coma instead.

On Tuesday, I blazed through Capitol Hill at an 8:47 min/mile average pace for 5 miles.


I am not saying that I looked like this. I am saying it is possible that I looked like this.

That is a pretty quick clip for ol’ Pokey McGee. I celebrated by high-fiving another runner, a couple Capitol Police, a homeless dude, and myself.

And then I got lazy. Yesterday I had a laundry list of things to do (seriously, I had to do laundry, the clean britches situation was reaching desperate hour) and not enough time to do them.

And by that I obviously mean I cleaned my apartment until 10:00 and spent the next three hours clicking around indiscriminately on the internet before finally going to sleep at an unnecessarily late hour. I don’t even know what I did! And I will never get those three hours of my life back.

I just made myself sad.

So anyway, here we are, Thursday. Tonight I am running an easy 3-4 outside. Tomorrow I’ll be hitting up the Crystal City 5k with friends.

Non-DC people: Doesn’t Crystal City sound like a beautiful place? Well…

You’re in for a rude awakening.

Because Saturday is crazy-bananas packed, I’m bumping my LR to Sunday and shooting for a steady 8 miler. It will be my last LR before next weekend’s half.

Ultimately, though, I’ll have three rest days by the time this week is over, and that’s pretty lame.

Mikayla trying to pretend she doesn’t know me. (She doesn’t.)

My mileage will be pretty low again next week, but that will be intentional. I want to taper for the Indianapolis OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon (how’s that for a title?) so I can be as ready as possible to PR MY BRAINS OUT.

Is tapering actually necessary for half-marathons? I should look into that.

Change of subject. Is anybody watching the Penn Relays right now?

WHAT’S THAT? You want me to talk about the Penn Relays?!

I’d be glad to.

  • The Penn Relays, officially known as THE PENN RELAYS CARNIVAL (no lie), are hosted by the University of Pennsylvania at Franklin Field (their home stadium) in Philadelphia.
  • The event was first held in 1895.
  • It is the oldest track and field competition in the US.
  • It is historically credited with popularizing relay races.
  • The first Penn Relay was a 4x400m relay between Penn and Princeton. Princeton won in 3:34.0.
  • In the event’s early days, tents were set up around the perimeter of the track as dressing areas. The “festive atmosphere” provided by the tents lent itself to the term “Carnival,” which was officially adopted as part of the event’s name in 1910.
  • The events include high school, college, and “Olympic development” level races.
  • The event attracts 15,000 participants from the US and overseas (most notably Jamaica).
  • One world record has been set at the Penn Relays: a team that included Marion Jones ran the 4x200m relay in 1:27.46 in 2000.
  • Attendance surpasses 100,000 over all three days of racing.

Dope, right?

Sources: Penn Relays website and Wikipedia. Check out the schedule of events if you want to catch your favorite races on the tube. There are 200 to choose from; go crazy.

Back in my high school track days, I was a middie. I ran the 4×8, 800 open, and 4×4. I always wanted to run the 400 open instead of the 8, but I was never fast enough to make the cut for that one! Still bitter. But the 4×4 was far and away my favorite race to run, and it is still my favorite to watch. The 4×4 is the epitome of TRACK.

Honestly. Just look how happy these guys were after winning a 4×4:

High on life.

And this was at the Commonwealth Games. NOBODY EVEN KNOWS WHAT THAT IS, but by the looks on their faces you’d think they just discovered the God Particle.

Track = happy.


2 thoughts on “Failing to Plan and the PENN RELAYS CARNIVAL

    • Thanks Steph! I am so excited for the race. Last weekend’s Eugene/Big Sur/Penn Relays/DC Nike Women’s Half twitter madness has me pumped. It’s contagious 🙂

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