Oh hayyy. Welcome to Pokey McGee. This is a space to talk running, fast and slow. If you want to talk vodka, Lil Wayne, or chocolate Chex cereal, we can do that too. I’ll take notes.

I’m a 25-year-old working hofessional (just kidding… paper pusher) in Washington, DC. I am a Hoosier baby, born and raised in Indiana. I’ve been running ever since I was about ten and my mom would suggest running laps around the neighborhood “for exercise.” With three kids, a dog, and a high maintenance goldfish named either Michaelangelo or Fred (depending which day you asked), she clearly just wanted to get us the hell out of the house.

My running history is simple. I ran track and cross country growing up but was always pretty average, even in small town Indiana where the competition is… less than fierce. I signed up for my first half marathon on a whim in 2009, and it sucked. I swore I would never do it again. Don’t listen to me when I swear. I lie. I have since run five more halves (halfs?), but only recently did I start dropping time and taking the training more seriously.

“Seriously” being a relative term.

If you want to learn more about me, you can check out my first post. I would like to be one of those evolved, self-deprecating bloggers who mock the dorkiness of their first post, but I just wrote it two days ago! Let’s let it marinate.

So anyway, thanks for reading! As you can tell, I’m keeping things quasi-anonymous for now, as I figure out my place in the big big internet. I hope you’re here to comment, tweet and annoy me to death. I can be reached @pokeymcgee on Twitter or pokeymcgee1@gmail.com. Let’s be friends. BFFL.


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